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            BostonTechMom is the go-to site where families can discover STEM activities for kids all over Massachusetts. The searchable program directory, blog posts previewing new opportunities, and useful guides help you find coding, robotics, engineering, math, science, and other STEM-related subjects in all kinds of formatssummer camp, after-school programs, classes, clubs, internships, and more!

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            Register for a free 30-minute online challenge for children in grades 3-8. Contest begins Feb. 3.

            2020 Guide to STEM Programs

            BostonTechMom's editors picks of STEM programs in Massachusetts for 2020!

            Massachusetts Science Museums

            Visit one of MA's 20+ science museums, planetariums, and aquariums.

            About BostonTechMom

            Cyndi Reitmeyer, founder of BostonTechMom, connects parents with high-quality STEM programs that expose kids to technology in fun, meaningful and engaging ways. BostonTechMom is the go-to resource for STEM opportunities in Massachusetts, focusing on computer programming, robotics, math, engineering, and other science-related subjects in a variety of formats. In addition to free web resources, we offer customized consulting services for parents seeking the perfect program for their child.

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